Tuesday 12 April 2016

Unofficially Yours: Saga of Friends Who Fell in Love by Ayushi Jain #BookReview

I never wrote a single review for any novel before, but this novel made me to write about it for the very first time.I must admit that writing reviews is not an easy task at all, and writing a book with all the ingredients put together in perfect balance is even more difficult than anything else.And this novel has definitely passed on every parameter that a novel must possess.Its a beautiful piece of impressive writing and very well narrative script.This being author's first novel surely has managed to touch the audience's heart and soul.I always feel that a good novel is that which makes you imagine about the story and its characters, and the style of writing the author has showcased thru this novel justifies that statement.Its always hard to maintain the pace in stories like these, but the author did justice to what she wrote and there was no sign of boredom faced while reading it. There were so many things which one could relate thru this tale of friends who fell in love, some from the college days, some from the company days and some from the personal relationships.Sometime it brings tears to your eyes, and at times it brings smile to your face.Everything is blended together so very well that it stands out as the novel which is a must read for everyone.

To say the least, its that kind of a book which attracts its readers and makes them experience the sheer joy of being in friendship and relationship together.

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