Sunday 24 June 2012

Farewell Days !!

Dedicated to all those wonderful days spent wid all my friends and juniors...

Friends, Faculties, Seniors, Juniors all featured in my life like a dream. A dream of many happy beginnings and happy endings (some of them were vice versa also).How life works out, learnt from friends. How to make things done under pressure, learnt from faculties and exams. Seniors were always the friends of our good and bad times. Whereas, Juniors  gave us the sense of maturity to behave like seniors. Looking back at all those 4 years now seems like 4 days. How time runs and at what speed it make changes in our life, is the unknown and unwanted thing that no-one wants. The toughest part is knocking my door as I am getting close to my Farewell. I never wanted it to happen like this. However, its an untold truth and  the only solution to come out from all those good memories and time. Few more days and life will play its role again steadily and happily. The only thing which I will take away with me is the bundle of friends , love, respect and the most important of them all "Memories". Don't know when and where we all will gather after this separation, but a bagful of memories of you all will always going to be there with me .Whoever said it that " happy life is a myth"- said it wrong, because if life comprises of you all then it cannot be a boring life at all. It will always be a Happy Life.