Saturday 14 April 2012

Random Shades!!

Random shades of light,
Makes the Sunshine bright.
Feel the role of its display,
Birds are flying on their way.
Morning starts with bright sun rays,
Follow the day with what your heart says!
Round the corner in the sky,
See the birds flying high.
Shining sun always suggests,
Be at home and take some rest.
Calmer at night, cooler than day,
Breezy wind takes the tension away!
Bells are ringing, moonlight’s dim,
Eyes are blinking, like tim-tim.
Dreams are high in the sky,
Say Goodnight, Sweat dream, Goodbye …  :)

Monday 9 April 2012

Who actually an Optimist is?

Try to make things better,
Try to make yourself better.
However, for trying it requires a great commitment!
But commitment always comes with patience.
Patience checks the focus, to see its enduring effect,
Focus makes the work perfect.
Perfection is the imagination,
Imagination is the freedom.
Freedom is the need,
Need is what makes everything correct!
Correction is what an optimist does,
Optimist is the one who tries ,make commitments, shows patience, focuses on the perfection of his imagination, and makes it all work with freedom and as per his needs.
That is what an optimist thinks and does!

O-Opportunist, P-Perfectionist, T-Trustworthy, I-Imaginative, M-Meticulous, I-Influencer, S-Stellar, T-Thinker.

Monday 2 April 2012

सपनो की दस्तक !!

ज़र्रे ज़र्रे से निकलके मोती बना था वो सपना.. 
आँखों के ओझल  मनं में कुछ अनकहा सा सपना.. 
दस्तक देके कुछ न मिला था न कुछ पाया था ..
अँधेरी उन गलियों के मनं में , अजब सा सपना आया था ..
दूर जा रहे थे वो हमसे  ..
न शिकवे न गिला किये जनम से ..
होती थी वो चंद लम्हों  की  परछाइयाँ ..  
दे जाती थी वो जन्मो जन्मो की रुस्वाइयाँ .. 
कहती थी मनं में हमेशा ..
रोती थी मनं में हमेशा ..
सपनो के उस शहर में कुछ ऐसी थी वो कहानियां ..
जिन्हें ढूँढती थी मेरी वो तन्हाईयाँ ...

Sunday 1 April 2012

Learning- a long process!!

Learning is the word which always gets reflected in every phase of life. From the childhood to the old age, at every point, a person learns something that reveals his knowledge and maturity in some sense. From the childhood learning, we learn things that fits us into society etiquette. The behavioral aspect of life always comes with the teachings of day to day activities, elders or teachers. Learning is the most precious thing god has given us to excel in many things.So when we are given with such learning, we should make it large in our life. Learning is a self understanding thing and to make our life good for everything we must have to make it running and treating as per our needs.