Friday, 23 February 2018

'Life is beautiful when in Kolkata' : A Photo Essay!

The Grand Howrah Bridge

I don't know where to start this post from because I wanted to write about Kolkata a long ago but somehow never managed to do it.

I had certain doubts in my mind that whether I'd be able to write about my experiences of Kolkata or not. There is a song that I really like from the movie "Kahaani", it's the title song of the movie which was sung by Shreya Ghoshal. I love the song because somewhere it connects me to Kolkata, the city of joy.

I was placed with an IT company in Bangalore and for my first assignment, I was relocated to Kolkata. I never wanted to move to Kolkata because I had my own concerns about the place; food, distance(from my hometown) and friends. It was completely a new place for me and I had no friends/relatives there. During the initial days in Kolkata, I went thru tough times because I didn't know anyone and being a vegetarian, I had some serious problems like finding good vegetarian food and a nice place to stay. No, I'm not saying that Kolkata doesn't have good food joints but the situation made me think in that way.

Also, social media wasn't that useful for bachelors as it is these days. Finding a decent place to live was a big challenge. Somehow, I couldn't find a rented flat accommodation, hence shifted to a PG near to my office. It was a triple sharing room and my roommates were living there for 3-4 months. Since the PG wasn't that good, we stayed there for a month and then planned to leave the PG and moved to a flat. Though we all three were roommates there was hardly any connection among us. We spent around 3-4 months together in the flat before I moved with some of my colleagues at the workplace in a different society. 

As soon as I shifted to a new place with new people, things actually started falling in place and Kolkata wasn't all that bad a place anymore. Well, it was never a bad place. I just made it so in my head. I had some bad experiences in the early stint and that's what made me dislike Kolkata in the first place. To be honest, I never enjoyed exploring any place more than Kolkata. I made some life long friends and enjoyed the life thoroughly. Now, If I say that I miss Kolkata then trust me, am not lying. I do miss, Kolkata! I will also admit that I spent some of the best days of my life there. I cherish those days for all the beautiful experiences that I lived to the fullest.

Here are some of the pictures that I took during my stint in Kolkata. Some long lasting memories and a tale thru pictures-

The Grandeur of Victoria Memorial and Janta-Janardan.
A day at Science City, Kolkata
When monsoon arrived...
My first Diwali away from home...
And when the Eden Gardens happened... :D
When the evening view from the balcony is so serene then just sit back and enjoy.
My first tram ride from Gariahat....
And my love for flowers is like a never ending affair...
And the dark night rises..
When Alipore Zoo welcomed us with colors of nature

And a bit of wildlife to add to the mix....

Dakshineshwar temple - a must visit place when in Kolkata
Concrete Jungle...
Time to board the Kolkata local...
Into the dusk! @ Princep Ghat
Vidyasagar Setu
When the pados waali building ka pigeon gave me an angry look :P

Those memories of pandal hopping during Durga Puja

And then there were lights, ethnicity, and celebration everywhere..

One of the best places in Kolkata- Eco Park, New Town.

It was time to say good bye to Kolkata and 2013. Christmas and New Year Celebrations at Park street, Kolkata.

                              Yes, I was there when IPL happened. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re..


  1. Kolkata is a place that grows on you, that's what I've heard! Once you love it, it never leaves you. You've captured some splendid moments with your signature style! The blog is looking great in its new avatar! Congrats on new beginnings!

  2. I have to agree that Kolkata as a city grows on you. It has on me in 7 years. You have captured the essence of the city in your pics. Loved it

  3. It's a visual treat, I tell you! Splendid photographs, Saumy, as always! And whoa! COngrats on the new look of the blog. Amazing! :)

  4. SAumy I have said this a million times before and will say it yet again... You are a fantastic photographer. Your pics narrate a story... and thats what I love about it

  5. Any place is made by people and memories. First experience of a new place always brings a lot on plate Saumy. I was there in Kolkata during the pujo and I love the city (I can say that being a vegetarian myself) Also, beautiful pictures clicked.

  6. This post is a whiff of nostalgia, Saumy! I have been to Kolkata quite a few times, visited the Kali temple but never had the chance to explore it in so much depth. My dad is especially fond of the place as it's his hometown and he's got some wonderful memories from there. Glad to see the spirit of the city gradually grow on you. Your words paint a picture while your pictures tell a story, enjoyed it!

  7. Beautiful pictures Saumy! I have always wanted to go to Kolkata and I don't know when that will happen! So lovely to read how the city grew onto you and things fell in place :)

    When Monsoon arrived, the night rises and into the dusk are my favourite pictures!! Storytelling pictures:)

  8. Saumy, this is such a beautiful and honest post. I truly feel that most people including me have some predefined notion within their head for any place and some initial hindrance justifies those notions. But every place reveals its own beauty after a certain period. Same is for my home town Kolkata. You need some time to develop the taste for Kolkata and the Bengalis. :) I loved reading your post. Your pictures are amazing. I so agree with Divsi with the choice of pictures among all... The monsoon and the dark night pictures are mind blowing of all.

  9. Like Kala Ravi said, Kolkata grows on you. I loved reading you post and your perspective on my city. If you are into history, I highly recommend joining on one of Calcutta Walk's walks in North Calcutta the next time you are here. They can lead you to some excellent eateries. I know it can be difficult for a vegetarian to find their way without any leads but walk into into Bengali restaurant, order any of the leafy greens, fritters, jhurjhure alu bhaja, posto, chanar dalna, chutney and of course rice and you're all set!

  10. I had visited Kolkatta 9 years ago and then again just recently. It has sure changed a lot.

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