Tuesday 25 October 2016

We are Writeaholics...

Blogging is something I adore a lot! Though I wasn't an active blogger 6 months ago, things have changed now and I write and post quite often. Well, some things surely takes time to get in shape and my blogging journey got back on track with new beginnings and surprises. I wasn't active on twitter either and one day I just thought of dropping by to check my account if there was anything interesting. Luckily, I came across this amazing community named "BlogChatter". I followed them on twitter and started taking part in their Wednesday chat sessions. Slowly, I started building my blog with BlogChatter's campaigns and connected with some extraordinary like minded bloggers.

I started blogging in 2011 and used to post only poems and articles. My blog was like a diary to me earlier but in last one year it became an inspiration to do something worthy in life. Also, it has become a platform for me to make friends and connect with Intellectuals to learn from and get better to reach the pinnacle of my life's goals! And all this has not happened in just few days or thru self-efficacy; rather this has only happened because of a community i.e. BlogChatter. A community who believes in building relationships and motivates the bloggers in finding their niche. In order to achieve all this, Blogchatter conducts several campaigns from time to time.And one of those campaigns is "Blogbuddy", the flagship program of BlogChatter. This is the third season of Blogbuddy and my first as a participant. The main objective of this program is to build a tribe of small groups and make them grow together as a team. For Blogbuddy 3.0, the groups are formed in a batch of 7-8 bloggers each. I, too, am a part of 7 member team.

And till next season, seven of us are going to take on the challenge of blogging as a team.

So, let me introduce you to the members (superstars) of team #Writeaholics.


Anindya - The person behind Pikturenama! He's a senior blogger and wonderful photographer who creates magic thru his food photography. He's also a traveler and have amazing travel stories in travel section of his blog. Hope we form a great bond in this journey of Blogbuddy. Kudos! :)


Shinjini - She's one of the most versatile bloggers I have ever come across. From Art related to Tarot card reading and from Travel related blog posts to Entrepreneurship. She's everywhere! Hope I learn to manage my blog like hers and may we build this friendship stronger. Kudos! :)


Menaka - She's a wonderful person by heart and the lady behind SimpleIndianMom! If I start writing about her bio then am sure I cannot complete that in a single page. She's an Agricultural biologist, Lifestyle blogger, Parenting consultant and a big-big Organic food enthusiast. Huff! She has super powers! Please hop over to her blog and explore more about her. Kudos! :)


Dixita - She's a star in the galaxy of Blogchatter. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm are two things which I like the most. Hop over to her blog to read some amazing stories. Also, she's a very good DJ and possess excellent knowledge of old and new Bollywood songs. Kudos! :)


Anshul - He's a doctor by profession and a blogger by heart.Well, we both hail from the city of lakes i.e. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It's great that we both are in same team #Writeaholics. Hope we rock together and make this blogbuddy season a memorable one. Also, he's an avid reader and shares some exciting posts on his blog. So, hop over to his blog and read some amazing articles. Kudos! :)


Manisha - She's a Pharma and Healthcare consultant by profession and a blogger by passion.Her blog zarahatke is a collection of fashion & beauty tips, poetry and life experiences related posts. Her hindi poetry is really good. So, please hop over to her blog to explore more about her. Kudos! :)

I am super thrilled and excited about what's there in store for us in coming months. I'm sure, together we are going to make this Blogbuddy season a memorable one. :)

I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter.