Saturday 30 July 2016

Days of #HalfMarathon #BlogChatter..

BlogChatter Half Marathon:

So, this is my last post for Blogchatter’s Half Marathon campaign. It’s been 15 days, since we bloggers who joined this campaign are posting poems, articles, photos, reviews etc. daily. Blogchatter started this Blogging Marathon campaign on 15th July, 2016 and since then we are posting our blog posts on #DailyChatter links. Around 55 bloggers enrolled for this campaign.

My Journey:

I connected with Blogchatter in 1st week of July thru Twitter. Later, I took part in Blogchatter’s Wednesday chat sessions, and from there I got this information about half marathon. Since I was new to this group and wanted to connect with my fellow bloggers, I took the challenge and enrolled for the campaign. In past 15 days, I wrote and published almost every kind of blog post; poems, articles, travel posts, book review and photo blog. On very first day of the half marathon, I planned to pick a single genre for my posts for the next 15 days, but I wasn’t that good in any particular genre to continue this challenge for 15 consecutive days. Then I dropped the idea of planning and writing stuff in advance. I just let myself free to write anything, without thinking much about the genre.

Everyone from the Blogchatter blogging community participated in this campaign enthusiastically. I found so many wonderful bloggers here in Half Marathon, who made this event a huge success. I learnt a lot from all of them. Some of the bloggers with whom I interacted thru comments and twitter posts, were so good in their own blogging world, that when I received feedback from them, it actually helped me enormously in building my blog. Before taking this challenge, At times, I actually wondered !! If I could complete it or not !?!? But, when I noticed that how other bloggers were keeping their calm and posting some amazing stuff, it infused determination in me to complete the task.


My Experience with bloggers:

I followed almost every blog post in the past 15 days, and tried to drop a comment as well. And trust me, I found so many amazing bloggers with such beautiful posts, that most of the times it felt like from where these people get so many ideas and how creative they are? Some are born poets, some are story tellers, some are story makers, some are artists and some are exceptional reviewers !!! They mastered the art of creating unbelievable stories.

Thank you note:

I hope Blogchatter will organize more campaigns like this, and for this campaign I bow before you! It’s only because of you “Blogchatter”, that I met with extra ordinary bloggers and connected with them over twitter and other platforms. I also want to thank every single blogger who took part in this Half marathon and posted some enchanting blog posts. And special thanks to those who took interest in my blog posts and gave their valuable feedback, every single time. :)

Here it is.. A small token of love for #Blogchatter from all the bloggers :D :D  

Friday 29 July 2016

Comic Con India 2016 contd....

Comic Con Express Pune - Main Entrance

T-shirt stall

Printed mobile covers

Wall hanger

T-shirts stall

Book stall

T-shirts stall

Japanese Ninja

Wall Posters

Printed wall hangers

Batman series

Batman Series frames

"Tere Bin Laden" star cast

Cosplay Event

Cosplay Event

Thanks for checking all the pictures patiently. Please drop a note if you like them :)

Here's the link of Post 1 on Comic Con India with details. Kindly click on thPost 1 link.

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Comic Con India 2016

About Comic-Con:

Comic-con is a comic convention which was founded in 1970 by a group of San Diegans. Since then the convention held annually in San Diego, California.

Comic Con India first came in picture when they announced their first edition of convention in 2011.The very first Indian Comic Con was hosted at the open air craft bazar, Dilli Haat, New Delhi, India, for a period of 2 days. Later the Comic Con India expanded to 5 cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. From its inception in 2011, the convention was announced to be hosted at each location annually, including workshops, interactive sessions, and interviews by special guest artists and writers, Cosplay and stalls for selling comic and tv series based t-shirts, mobile covers, posters and souvenirs.


My Experience:

Recently I attended the first edition of Comic Con Pune in February, 2016. It was a 2 day event, and I attended the first day of the convention. Since it was my first Comic Con, I had high hopes from the very beginning. Me and my friends geared up for the event, and reached the venue in time. The event started at 11 am, and people collected their gate passes from the counters and entered in the huge air conditioned convention hall. The place had many stalls and people were dressed up in their favorite character’s costumes. The atmosphere of the place was so awesome, that it took me to my childhood days. After spending time at different stalls, we joined the interactive session, hosted by Ivan Brandon (the author of many titles under DC Comics, Marvel comics and more) and Peter Nguyen (the comic book artist, known for his work on Batman series comics).


Soon after this session, we attended the special event by the program sponsors Alto K10, where one local band of Pune (Teri music ki chahat) played some amazing Bollywood songs. Soon after this, the main highlight of the day “Cosplay” started, where the cos-players participated in an on-stage program and were adjudged winners in specific categories. The show ended soon after the cosplay event, and we headed back home.

Venue: Deccan College Convention Hall, Near Khadki, Pune

Ticket Details: INR 250 for a single day and INR 400 for a two day pass.

Site Details for upcoming Comic Con events across India: Comic-Con link

My Take:

Well if you want to re-live your childhood, then this is the perfect event to mark your presence. Just let that little kid inside of you come out and enjoy the fullest.

There are few more photos which I am linking with Post 2. Kindly click on Post 2 link to check the remaining pictures.

Indian Bloggers

This post is written for the #HalfMarathon blogging challenge at #Blogchatter DailyChatter.
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