Thursday 25 October 2012

Kuch apne sapne !!

ye andhera kyun hai mujhse rutha..
ye sannata kyun hai mujhse khafa..
dilo ki baaton ko chupa ke rakha hai mann mein..
ek bholi si surat ko basa ke rakha hai mann mein..
sandil si hansi,sharmeeli si adaa..
na unhone kuch suna na maine kuch kaha..
dheemi si aahat thi..
aankhon mein nirasha..
dil mein jagi thi.. 
unke aane ki aasha..
har taraf dekha soona laga jahan..
na jaane chupi wo thi kahan..
ab to sapne bhi kore lagte hain..
dil ki sune to khud bhi adhure lagte hain..
kabhi to suno mere mann ki baat..
puri karo mere dil ki fariyaad..
aise sapne dekhun mein roz mann mein..
alarm na uthaye to shayar ban jaun aanan faanan mein...

Wednesday 3 October 2012

All I can say about life is....!!

Life! A mixture of so many things..
Some are bad and some are good..
To be kind, I would say some are extraordinary..
And to be honest, I would say some are worst..
To reach the best and to free from the nest..
Positives or negatives all are helpful to test..
To test the best we need to have some zest..
Zest to succeed, zest to believe..
See the positives to fill the unfilled beats..
Life is a short story, things are many to complete..
Rhythm may be different, life may take some leap..
Follow your heart that feels in so deep..
To be or not to be , someday or today might be..
The hope to shine will remain in my eyes to see !!