Thursday 29 September 2011

I really miss those days

I really miss those days when I used to see and wave hands to everyone in the front yard of the college.

I really miss those days when I used to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus.

I really miss all that time which I spent with my friends and juniors.

It’s been a long time since I am dreaming about all these things in my present life.

Time always changes but the past is something that can never be changed.

Everything related to our past seems so very memorable and wonderful, but destiny is something that can never be ignored.

What we are doing and what we are up to, are certain questions that are not answerable but are genuine.

Memories of old and happy days still make us laugh, but somehow there is some hitch to live those wonderful days again.

Everyone is not doing the same as what I am doing; all of us are separated in different areas.

If I want to make things better and live my previous life again then I must have to assemble everyone together from whatever conditions and situations we all are living in.

Friends are the part of life and the happy days that we spent together makes those days
as heartbeat of the life.

So my friends its better to take care of these days and plan for something new, 
perishing of memories is not the solution, so plan something worthy for you.

-Saumy Nagayach

Thursday 22 September 2011

में और मेरी तन्हाई !!

तनहाइयों से परे तो हम भी न थे 
लेकिन अपनों ने भी बेगाना बना दिया 

जिनको याद किया करते थे 
आज उन्हने भी न मिलने का बहाना बना दिया

जिन सपनो के सहारे जी रहे थे 
अब उन सपनो को भी अनजाना बना दिया 

सोचा था अब अपने आप को संभाल लेंगे 
लेकिन इस सोच को भी  रूहाना बना दिया 

उमीदों के इस समुन्दर में अब कहीं खुद को न खो दें 
इस लायक हमने अपने दिल को बना दिया

समझने वाले समझे न समझे 
लेकिन समझाने वालों को भी आज हमने समझा दिया

Sunday 18 September 2011


I am not supposed to feel like the people, who never got attention from their loved ones! But
I don't know why I always wanted some extra love and attention!
Why I always get ignored by the people I trust?
Why my words are always taken for granted?
Why it is that no one understands me ?
Why it is that no one share things with me?
Why is my life so enigmatic?
All these whys are making my life empty and unsustainable. I don't know the reason why is this "why" word creating so much dilemma in my life?
Sometimes it becomes hard for me to understand my own life.Rather I would say it happens almost.
Every time  when I tried to answer these questions, I almost turned up into nothing.
If these questions are so complex and can't be answered, then why am I always bothered?
May be its an inner feeling or my heart's disappointment!
If I want to survive through this and to live my life with no bad memories.I would have to change myself and my attitude.
And in the end, it might show some huge satisfaction for me to be happy and lively.
If life comes out as a happy moment then  all the sorrows in it will fade like a fainting edge.

-Saumy Nagayach  

Saturday 17 September 2011


When I was at something , I couldn't make up for anything,
When I was alone, I always felt it as I was gone,
Days have passed but still my moves aren't so fast,
Sun always gleams when it rises, Moon always shines when it sprinkles light,
The world is going on and on with the effect of youth's rock on!
Dangling nature casts a person uncertain, but certainty is no more a word relating to this world.
Shining is not a part of life but it always comes in as a phase of life.
There are things which can never be borrowed nor can be sold.
These things can only be earned with love,affection,trueness and care.
Courage is not required to do new things rather to leave those things.
Life is not a lost destiny ,rather it should be destined to become a happy ending!
Relationships are not meant to have synonyms of making a bonding perfect
Instead belief is the word that makes the relationship stronger.
In lieu of living this materialistic life, be a person to make changes happen and live it like a king size life.
Life doesn't give chance to those who admire the thoughts of pessimists,
And the thoughts that made impact and admired by people are known as words of optimists.
So be an optimist and value your words and one day u will see an entire new world waiting for you.

-Saumy Nagayach and (one of my friend who helped me in making some changes)