Monday 7 October 2013

Innocent love !

Innocent love: A person always think that he's committed in luv to the depth, but to describe the term "innocent love" in a better way is as difficult as it's being cheated in luv.So for those who don't understand what innocent luv is all about; a few lines to give the insight of it

"When love is true,
 Never see around...
 When your mate is perfect,
 Don't search for defect...
 It's the faith that matters the most,
 It's the heart that receives the lost...
 Time may pass and heal the inner wounds,
 Choices are less, so no place for demands...
 So Live your life just the way u want it,
 So Live your life just the way u feel it..."

Innocence is a good thing to possess, but innocent love is something which should always be handled WITH CARE.