Sunday 18 September 2011


I am not supposed to feel like the people, who never got attention from their loved ones! But
I don't know why I always wanted some extra love and attention!
Why I always get ignored by the people I trust?
Why my words are always taken for granted?
Why it is that no one understands me ?
Why it is that no one share things with me?
Why is my life so enigmatic?
All these whys are making my life empty and unsustainable. I don't know the reason why is this "why" word creating so much dilemma in my life?
Sometimes it becomes hard for me to understand my own life.Rather I would say it happens almost.
Every time  when I tried to answer these questions, I almost turned up into nothing.
If these questions are so complex and can't be answered, then why am I always bothered?
May be its an inner feeling or my heart's disappointment!
If I want to survive through this and to live my life with no bad memories.I would have to change myself and my attitude.
And in the end, it might show some huge satisfaction for me to be happy and lively.
If life comes out as a happy moment then  all the sorrows in it will fade like a fainting edge.

-Saumy Nagayach