Thursday 29 September 2011

I really miss those days

I really miss those days when I used to see and wave hands to everyone in the front yard of the college.

I really miss those days when I used to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus.

I really miss all that time which I spent with my friends and juniors.

It’s been a long time since I am dreaming about all these things in my present life.

Time always changes but the past is something that can never be changed.

Everything related to our past seems so very memorable and wonderful, but destiny is something that can never be ignored.

What we are doing and what we are up to, are certain questions that are not answerable but are genuine.

Memories of old and happy days still make us laugh, but somehow there is some hitch to live those wonderful days again.

Everyone is not doing the same as what I am doing; all of us are separated in different areas.

If I want to make things better and live my previous life again then I must have to assemble everyone together from whatever conditions and situations we all are living in.

Friends are the part of life and the happy days that we spent together makes those days
as heartbeat of the life.

So my friends its better to take care of these days and plan for something new, 
perishing of memories is not the solution, so plan something worthy for you.

-Saumy Nagayach


  1. Yaad hai wo manzar hame,
    jb hua karte the sb sath,
    yaad hai wo safar hame,
    jiska har pal bitaya tha sath.

    Its totally true dat clg days wr d best n non-returning part of life.Really miss those days!

  2. Really those were the bestest days nd will miss dem 4 sure