Saturday 17 September 2011


When I was at something , I couldn't make up for anything,
When I was alone, I always felt it as I was gone,
Days have passed but still my moves aren't so fast,
Sun always gleams when it rises, Moon always shines when it sprinkles light,
The world is going on and on with the effect of youth's rock on!
Dangling nature casts a person uncertain, but certainty is no more a word relating to this world.
Shining is not a part of life but it always comes in as a phase of life.
There are things which can never be borrowed nor can be sold.
These things can only be earned with love,affection,trueness and care.
Courage is not required to do new things rather to leave those things.
Life is not a lost destiny ,rather it should be destined to become a happy ending!
Relationships are not meant to have synonyms of making a bonding perfect
Instead belief is the word that makes the relationship stronger.
In lieu of living this materialistic life, be a person to make changes happen and live it like a king size life.
Life doesn't give chance to those who admire the thoughts of pessimists,
And the thoughts that made impact and admired by people are known as words of optimists.
So be an optimist and value your words and one day u will see an entire new world waiting for you.

-Saumy Nagayach and (one of my friend who helped me in making some changes)