Friday 17 June 2016

Regrets: Dream Desire Destiny by Shahrukh Ahmad #BookReview

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to set up your start-up in near future, then this debut novel "Regrets: Dream Desire Destiny" by Shahrukh Ahmad is the perfect book which will give you ideas about how a person starts a firm from initial level to the million dollar company. Its basically the story which rotates around Sameer; the main protagonist of this novel. He is an enthusiastic person when it comes to business, and a person who has a haunting past which he hides from everyone. He has a best friend and business partner in Nishant, who is more than a brother to him. And a caring girlfriend in Preeti, who loves him madly.

Its a story of Sameer's life, in which his desires, dreams and his accomplishments are showcased. A story where love, friendship and aspirations of Sameer are blended together in a wonderful manner. And above all the message which Shahrukh has tried to convey thru this book, is portrayed perfectly.

Now the things which I like about the book

1) The book is very well paced. Its a light read, and at no point you feel like taking pauses in middle.
2) It has a story which any college going student can easily relate to. The experiences shared of Sameer's collge life are very realistic and very much relatable.
3) The story is new and fresh. It has all the ingredients like love, friendship, pain, broken relations and chase after dreams. Shahrukh has wonderfully mixed the ingredients and made this book a perfect recipe from reader's perspective.
4) This being author's first book, I must admit that editing team has done a very good job.

Now the things which I didn't like about the book

1) I felt that Preeti's role was very strong, but somehow Sameer's and Preeti's relationship was not explained properly. There was no mention of their budding relationship after the chapter where Sameer stays at Preeti's place and then leaves for Indore the very next morning. What happens after that and how their relationship comes on track afterwards, is one thing which I felt was incomplete in the narration.
2) The cover is not very appealing. Its okay but could have been better.

Final thoughts

Overall, I would say that this is a light read that engages the reader completely. You can feel for the protagonist when he suffers from his darker side as well as you can show your anger when he takes wrong decisions and regrets later.

I would give it 3.25 stars on 5.

A nice read!

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