Wednesday 10 April 2013

An Ant's Life !

Deep in the hole of a ground,
Look from the bottom and see the world around.
Hollowness of the earth is not that bad and exile,
Living in it is good and worthwhile!
Group of friends and the celebration is on,
Grabbing the food in the bright light of moon!
Summers and Winters are not so hard,
Life is tough when the drizzle starts.
Struggle when gets over, makes us together,
march the troops and make them gather.
Time to work,time to date,
Time to show that what we have!
Hurdles are many,life is hard
Teamwork is must that will never fall apart.
Destiny of life is in god's hands,
Living the life is what we need to understand!


  1. who would have even given a thought of an ant! You are truly the most sweet person I have met saumy! Ant is an example of pure dedication and determination

  2. They show the best teamwork aspects. You've really analyzed them very closely for this work 😊