Thursday 16 February 2017

When Bloggers meet to paint their imagination #BergerXP #IB

Recently when IB announced a meet in collab with Berger Express Painting at Mumbai. I had no idea beforehand that it was happening until one of my friend posted about it on FB. Being a blogger on IB for more than 8 months now, I actually never attended any of their meets that happened in last year. One of the reasons for doing so was obviously nothing had happened in Pune/Mumbai in past one year. Well, there's a long story behind getting the invite for this event. I came to know about the event a week before its scheduled date and trust me I was actually very thrilled while requesting for the invite on IB's site. And almost after waiting for over 5 days, I received a mail from IB team with the bar code and ID to attend the event @ Taj vivanta, Mumbai. The event was scheduled on Sat and I had received the invite on friday night i.e. 10th Feb, at 8 pm. Thankfully it popped up or else it could be really disappointing to miss such a wonderful opportunity. I was worried at first because my travel from Pune to Mumbai was not planned in advance. But the excitement was so high that it took over all my anxiousness and I buckled up for the event and to meet some wonderful bloggers in person.

I reached Mumbai on 11th Feb morning at 10:30am. Since the event was scheduled at 12:30pm, I had ample amount of time to reach the destination. So, I gave myself a challenge to walk down to the venue. Okay, I failed miserably because I took the wrong route and ended up somewhere I was not destined to. The clock was ticking and in that panic moment, mumbai's famous taxiwala came to my rescue. God bless him! Finally, I reached the destination in time and then it was time to meet the bloggers from different corners of the city and some from the country also. Roma from Pune also came for the event and being a senior blogger and a very good friend, she calmed my nerve. After sometime, when other bloggers started pouring in for the event. The whole place turned out into a family gathering party where everyone was mingling with each other and chatting over bla bla things. Since it was my first Blogger's meet, I hadn't met anyone in person before. I knew many of the bloggers thru their blogs and blogging communities but the opportunity to meet them in person was truly ecstatic. Bloggers are indeed one of the kindest species present on the earth. You ask them anything and they will respond to you in the humblest of manner. Once we all gathered at the venue, we were asked to register at the welcome desk and then we were guided to the buffet table. The food was scrumptious and we filled our tummies to the fullest.

As soon as we all gathered at the venue, we took some selfies and geared up for the rest of the afternoon. Anoop- The IB guy, started the proceedings in a humorous way and some of the first timers (IB meet) were asked to introduce themselves. I too introduced myself and the fun activities begun soon after the intro part. We played musical chair in most hilarious ways possible. The winners were awarded cool t-shirts. Going further, Mr. Banerjee from Berger Express Painting came to dais and gave a very impressive presentation on painting techniques and Berger Paints to make painting a better experience. He also explained the types of Berger Paints that are available in the market and based on choice which product can suit a consumer's requirements. It was an interactive session followed by a healthy Q&A round.

Some of the key highlights from Mr. Chandranath Banerjee's session-

1) Berger Express Painting service is first of its kind in India. Berger introduced it to make the experience of painting a smooth and less cumbersome process.

2) Berger has also taken the initiative to train the local painters the art of painting and also to make them professional and skilled enough to use the advance tools with ease.

3) To make the process dust-free, they have cutting edge vacuum enabled sanding machine which makes the whole painting process less polluted.

4) Also, when we compare the time, this whole process normally takes less than 40℅ to traditional painting method. So, a win-win situation in all the cases.

5) So, when we are mentioning that Berger express painting services offers you everything then the first thing that comes to our mind is that it must be an expensive deal for sure. Well, if we go by prices then it will definitely seem like an expensive deal but the quality is something that remains there for years and that's where Berger XP is the best in the business.

After an intriguing session with Mr. Banerjee, it was time for us to have some fun and get our hands dirty. We were divided into 6 teams and our first activity was to scrub the board and to make it smooth with a sand paper in least possible time. Our team exerted full force and finished the task in good enough time. Not sure who exactly won this round as no winners were declared. But we all had great fun doing all the dirty work. After that, we were given two topics to choose from and to prepare a design depicting the very topic in the painting. We chose "Spirit of Mumbai" as our topic to showcase our thoughts thru different colors of paint on a white sheet. Since, we had some great artists in our team, I basically shifted to a different role, the role at which I was comfortable at i.e. Photography. In the end, all paintings were displayed together and the winner was adjudged by the jury (still searching for that jury 😝). The winners were awarded with online gift coupons.


Source : Indiblogger

The event ended and after bidding farewell to friends and some excellent bloggers, we all left for our heavenly abode.

PS : All pictures are taken by me except the ones with source mentioned.


  1. Seems great fun Saumy. It's amazing to meet bloggers in person. (This reminded me of my first blogAdda meetup) Came out making friends! (I didn't know anyone :P)

    Also, off topic, is it just me or have you been told so me :D (if you get that *runs away*)

    Loved reading this.

  2. It was an awesome experience. I was nervous at first but things went out well. BTW I didn't get the last line at all 😝 🙈

    Glad u liked it buddy! 😊

  3. That's awesome saumy, you got the opportunity to meet so many senior bloggers..

  4. good to hear your anecdote.. new to the portal. Your account of the event is enticing enough to attend a blogger's meet in future

  5. Looks like it was a fun event! And as usual, you've got some lovely clicks. Love that one of someone clicking a picture of a painting on their smartphone!