Saturday 22 December 2012

The horrendous truth of the Dark India !!

I live in a country of different cultures and different religions. Though the indigenity of all these cultures and religions and many other things is same, but still the difference of mentality makes the minds of this country a lot apart. Cruel and menacing are no more an extinctive word now a days. The events that are happening in my country these days are beyond brutality. And the responsible government and policemen are no more an exception to that. The fearless and bloody homicidal maniacs are growing and making lives hard to survive in a country where rape cases and homicides are considered as the normal and common incidents. These atrocious cruelties not only explains the bitter part of this nation but also describes the dark face of its people. Rape is an offence that not only describes the victim's pain but it also describes the brutal face of the bastards who are fearless of governance , police and most importantly of laws that are present and are executing. Doubting the consequences that had happened in past, a person can never feel safe in a country like India. The shameful incidents and the pathetic governance is a perfect description that one can make out from all the cruelties that are happening in India. If India is a country of independent people and as we were taught in the childhood the country of people who were great socialists and the most polite individuals among all the countries, then what has happened now ? Why this act of shame has been emerging so quickly and so terribly? Does the word like "END" is there to all these cruelties? All these are questions and expectations that every Indian wants and expect. A lesson is needed to signify the importance of laws and governance , a lesson is needed to create fear in those bloody animals who do such malevolence.

कुछ कहती थी वो उन ओझल आँखों से ..
कुछ ख्वाब थे उसके हसीन ..
अरमान थे उसके कुछ बनने के ..
दुनिया थी उसकी बेहद रंगीन ..
छोटी सी भूल वो कर बैठी ..
निकल पड़ी अकेली तंग रस्तो पे ..
न वक़्त का पता था ..
न अनहोनी घटने का अंदाज़ा ..
प्यार से पली थी वो, मासूमियत थी उसकी निशानी ..
पर हैवानो के पिंजरे में फस गयी बिचारी वो अनजानी ..
घुट घुट के सहा उसने ..
हैवानियत का वो मंज़र ..
नादान सी थी हंसी उसकी ..
दूर हो गयी अब हर ख़ुशी उसकी ..
सोचा न था उसने जो हुआ ..
दरिन्दायी का आलम उसने जो सहा ..
कहते हुए भी डर लगता है ..
पर दिल्ही अब किसी के मन में नहीं बस्ता है ....

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  1. very well written emotions of public of India. We need harsh laws for crime against women and there is need to change the complete mindset of our society and future generations.