Tuesday 20 December 2011

Memories of 2011

New year is round the corner and we are coming to an end of eventful year in some sense. For me personally it's an end of my life's second phase and the awaited beginning of the third phase. My graduation completed in this year, so it's an unforgettable and the most valuable year of my life. Though I am partly sad and alone because I am no more a free bird now but the sense of maturity has arose me from the student phase to a professional phase. Third phase of life always comes with some meaning to your future businesses, or I should say the most meaningful  things like your job, career, marriage etc. It's a year of many bad fortunes along with some good ones too. India winning the world cup after 27 years is one among them, whereas in bad fortunes; many big names have lost their bodies and disappeared into heaven for its betterment. Yes it is the best way to console your heart, that these wonderful souls are resting in heaven. For Bollywood fans it's a more horrible year than any other creatures of the world. Though Steve Jobs was a big name on the world stage because of his inventions of Mac OS, Mac book, IPod, I phone, I pad etc. but still in count India has lost its most beloved pearls in the names of Shammi Kapoor, M.F.Hussain, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Bhupen Hazarika, Jagjit Singh, Dev Anand. The deaths of these wonderful men were mourned by the entire nation and the world. At the end of all this, that had happened correct or incorrect in this year 2011 we have to move ahead for 2012 and wish & pray for the best  in terms  of everything to god. May god bless every individual on this earth with peaceful heart and healthy beginning in new year i.e. 2012.


  1. Well Saumy all that you described in this is awesome and its really hard for me to put into words about this year.....
    This year showed me an exact mirror of my life.If i start from January so first of all it lead me to the place of finding my path to success and somehow i failed in achieving it but i didn't let my hard work to go in vain and i again started from the scratch and at last I reached my first step of building a good career.
    I don't know why but this year had so many ups as well as downs in my life from which now i am able to stand on my own legs.

    I came to know about the realities of relations, made some new relations, mend some old broken relations, put up with some worst ones but in the end i can fairly say that now i stand a good chance of weighing up the pros and cons of the relations.
    But yes this year showed a great picture of future to the whole world like japan tragedy then Thailand flood, political climax in so many countries.Death of the most renowned personalities of all over the World.
    So at the end the thing is this year is being the most Shocking and Yet Surprising Year for all of us...
    MAY GOD BLESS us IN THE 2012................

  2. Thanks 4 d appreciation..and thanks 4 this comment also..coz it has strengthened my blog with more details nd ur thoughts 2..:)